One Room Schoolhouse - New Lebanon, NY

CBA has provided services to the Mountain Road School, a private nature based school, for several projects since 2013 when they unexpectedly needed to relocate from their home of 30 years. In 2015 the school enrollment had grown such that they realized additional space was required. After investigating several different options, including renovating an existing barn, the project committee decided that replacing an existing garage that was already on site, with a new one-room schoolhouse to be used for the entire school community, was the best solution. Due to local regulations, the footprint of the new building was not allowed to increase beyond the size of the building it was replacing. This project had a three-month construction window during the summer break and strived to do as much as possible with limited resources. The schoolhouse not only serves as a classroom for the pre-school students, but also as a central meeting place for the entire school community.

Contractor: Kolonics Builder, LLC

Photographer: Georgia Kokolis