Farm House / Barn House - Chatham, NY

After living in their historic upstate farm house for several years, the owners had decided that they wanted to build something new that was their own. After finding the right spot with the Catskills in the distance, they enlisted CBA to help them achieve their vision. Inspired by the typical New England Big House – Little House – Back House – Barn vernacular, a connected series of buildings was designed and sited to maximize the view from all areas of the house. The “house” maintained a simple farmhouse aesthetic and serves as a single floor private master suite, while the “barn” serves the daily living spaces and guest bedrooms. Both structures are connected by a simple modern entry, reinforcing the story that the house and barns predate the connector, and that the connector was simply put in place to link two existing buildings.

Contractor: James Romanchuk and Sons, Inc.

Engineering: Proper & O’Leary Engineering, DPC